Petrazzuoli Olive Oil Company, is located in the district of Caiatine's Hills, in Ruviano, area of excellence for the production of oil extra-virgin, falling within the draft of the City of Oil and "high quality oil" promoted by the European Union.

Is in this context that the Olivicola Petrazzuoli, covers over 70,000 square meters cultivated exclusively for olive trees, some of which are secular, color and scent the landscape.

The ancient origins of the family Petrazzuoli go back to the XII century, when in 1170 the Rainolfo Norman, Prince of Capua, entrusted to some components of the family of "Petra" care of the land where, with recognized craftsmanship, produced olive oil.

The oil of Petra, already popular at the time, helped to change the name of the family by Petra in Petra .. zz ..oli, surrounding forever in the history in the name of olive oil in the area.

In more recent years, a descendant of the family, Giovanni Petrazzuoli, pediatrician by profession, has recovered and relaunched the famous oil production, linking techniques of cultivation of Petra.

In particular, the technique of "sovescio" (cultivation of legumes and buried under the olive trees for a natural enrichment of nitrogen), an established philosophy that respects nature and the environment and puts the "Mother Earth" as the first pillar and indispensable element of the production chain.

The "Mother Earth" and its olive plants are fed and "cuddled" explains the similarity as the "good health" of women in pregnancy that houses in the womb your baby, so the "good health" of the earth favors the growth of a vigorous and healthy plant that "naturally" without unnatural processes, and stress, gives his olive fruit: the extra virgin olive oil.

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